Utilization-Focused Evaluation simplified step-by-step modules

These Utilization-Focused Evaluation (UFE) modules were developed by the Developing Evaluation Capacity in ICTD (DECI) project in order to provide a more simplified approach to using UFE. The modules outline a 12 step process to ensure that the process is clear and easy to use.

The 12 steps outlined in the modules are as follows:

  1. Project / network readiness assessment: Are resources available? Are all involved parties supportive of adopting a UFE approach? Are key persons interested in UFE?
  2. Evaluator readiness and capability assessment: Can the evaluator be a facilitator? Is the evaluator willing to assess effectiveness of evaluation according to how intended users use the findings?
  3. Identification of primary intended users: Primary intended users are the people who will use and apply the findings of the evaluation.
  4. Situational analysis: what are the barriers and opportunities in the evaluation use?
  5. Identification of primary intended uses: choosing what to evaluate
  6. Focusing on evaluation: What are the KEQ – key evaluation questions that will best provide findings for use?
  7. Evaluation design: Which evaluation design is best? Practical? What evaluation methods should be used?
  8. Simulation of use: Before collecting data - prepare possible ‘positive and negative’ findings; Ask – what do these results mean? How it will affect use?  Primary users get a chance to check expectations against the ‘real world’ and review KEQ and focus.
  9. Data collection: Primary users are involved in data collection and know progress.
  10. Data analysis: Users are involved actively in analysis; how can findings be used for use?
  11. Facilitate use: How does the primary user use the findings? Disseminate according to plan but also look at other opportunities; Have you found unexpected results – how will you use them?
  12. Meta-evaluation: Follow up – how was intended use by user achieved? Did additional users/uses emerge? Reflect – what actually happened?


Developing Evaluation Capacity in ICTD - DECI, (2009). Simplified step-by-step modules. Retrieved from website: http://evaluationinpractice.wordpress.com/deci-research/simplified-step-by-step-modules/

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