The Art of Focused Conversations for Schools

This page outlines a range of questions that can be used to focus conversation using ORID. The page also includes an example of how to use this technique and a template that can be used for its implementation.

"Focused conversation method moves through four levels of thinking:

  • Objective: dealing with data and sensory observation,
  • Reflective: related to personal reactions and associations,
  • Interpretive: about meaning, significance and implications, and
  • Decisional: concerned with resolution.

Focused conversation method has the potential to:

  • extend thinking and learning capacity,
  • make learning meaningful,
  • make communications in groups effective
  • help prevent and solve problems, and
  • strengthen the effectiveness of evaluation" (Nelson)


Nelson, J. (n.d.). The art of focused conversations for schools. Retrieved from website:

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