Techniques of focal groups in chat rooms in the evaluation of virtual libraries

This is the abstract of a report (in Portuguese) which describes the use of chat rooms by focus groups in the evaluation of virtual libraries.

"The objective of this research [was] to test the focal group technique in chat rooms in order to establish communication between virtual libraries and their users. 14 users of the Reproductive Health Virtual Library, which is part of the thematic virtual libraries developed by Prossiga/IBICT in partnership with Faculdade de Saúde Pública -USP, were selected to participate in three meetings at restricted chat rooms. There was a moderator for each meeting, who asked the focal questions about the virtual library and an observer, who read all the answers and comments typed by the participants. The results were very positive: there was interaction among participants, an essential situation in focal groups." (Alvarez, 2005)


Alvarez, M. C. A. (2005, September). Techniques of focal groups in chat rooms in the evaluation of virtual libraries. Paper presented at Ninth world congress on health information and libraries and seventh regional congress of information in health sciences , Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

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