Using Music Elicitation to Research People’s Relationship with Music

This toolkit describes the use of music elicitation in group research with Extreme Metal fans as a way of researching the music experiences and memories.

The toolkit describes why and how music elicitation was used in the project and gives some useful practical and technical points to consider if you are thinking of using music elicitation yourself.


  • Introduction
  • Why music elicitation?
  • How should music elicitation be used?
  • My approach to music elicitation
  • Considerations if using music elicitation
  • Technical considerations
  • Summary


Allett, Nicola. (2010) Using Music Elicitation to Research People's Relationship with Music. Realities Toolkit #07, ESRC National Centre For Research Options. Retrieved from

NCRM, National Centre for Research Options.

Realities, University of Manchester.

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