Community Score Card Process - A Short Note on the General Methodology for Implementation

This guide outlines the Community Score Card Process and details its four components. It uses tables and figures to examine the CSC Process, and also uses examples to demonstrate the different types of Community Score Cards that are available.


  • Introduction
  • Components of the CSC Process
  • Figure 1: The Four Components of the Community Scorecard Process
  • The Stages Involved in Implementation
  • Preparatory Ground Work
  • Development of the Input Tracking Scorecard
  • Table-1: An Example of What an Input Tracking Scorecard Looks Like
  • Generation of the Community Generated Performance Scorecard
  • Table-2: A Sample Community Generated Performance Scorecard for Health from Malawi
  • Table-3: Another Example of What a Community Scorecard within a Focus Group Looks Like
  • Generation of Self-Evaluation Scorecard by Facility Staff
  • Interface between Community and Facility Staff
  • Follow-up and Institutionalization
  • Further Reference
  • Figure-2: Flowchart of Stages in Comprehensive Community Score Card Process (Provider Self-Evaluation Separate)
  • Annex 1: Distinguishing Between the Community Score Card and the Citizen Report Card


Singh, J., & Shah, P. World Bank, Social Development Department. (n.d.). Community score card process - a short note on the general methodology for implementation. Retrieved from website:

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Samuel B. Yelmison

A good tool for educating the community how to go about demanding their rights from their duty bearers.

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