Scope of the Evaluation

This webpage from EuropeAid provides an overview of the components required in a scope of an evaluation.

"The scope of the evaluation is everything that is judged. It is defined in terms of various dimensions such as the territory concerned, the period under consideration and the regulatory framework, for example:

  • All the funds allocated by the European Union to Latin America since 1998.
  • Local development actions planned in Albania over the past four years.


A second perimeter specifies the related actions and elements of context to take into account, especially for the analysis of external coherence/complementarity. This is the extended scope, as opposed to the central scope. 

The central scope is specified in the terms of reference and the extended scope in the inception report." (EuropeAid Cooperation Office, 2005)


  • What is this?
  • Why specify the evaluation scope?
  • How to delimit the central scope
  • How to delimit the extended scope
  • Recommendations


EuropeAid Cooperation Office. (2005). Scope of the evaluation. Retrieved from

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