Outcome mapping: A method for tracking behavioural changes in development programs

This guide published by the Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) Initiative provides a detailed overview of using outcome mapping as an evaluation tool.


  • Expressing results as changes in behaviour
  • Outcome mapping terms
  • The three stages of outcome mapping
  • Figure 1. The three stages and twelve steps of outcome mapping
  • Stage 1. Intentional design
  • Figure 2. The four basic questions of the intentional design stage
  • Stage 2. Outcome and performance monitoring
  • Stage 3. Evaluation planning
  • Using outcome mapping
  • The Ceja Andina Project
  • The Agro-industry and Market Development project for Arracacha


Smutylo, T. The Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) Initiative, (2005). Outcome mapping: A method for tracking behavioural changes in development programs (ILAC Brief 7). Retrieved from website: http://www.outcomemapping.ca/resource/resource.php?id=182

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Simon Hearn's picture
Simon Hearn

Hi Ebrahim,

It would be nice to hear how you are using Progress Markers in your project - could you explain any more? 

You can learn more about OM at the Outcome Mapping Learning Community - http://www.outcomemapping.ca.



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