Outcome Mapping Learning Community

This website from the Outcome Mapping Learning Community is a resource and sharing hub for resources and ideas related to outcome mapping.  It allows members to discuss and share their knowledge and experiences and to demonstrate good practice in a collegiate manner.

"The platform is owned, populated and updated by OM users worldwide. It includes a menu of tools that allow members to communicate efficiently, to find the information they want, and to share knowledge with others.

When you join the OMLC, you can:
  • Join discussion forums and mailing lists and debate with other members
  • Upload documents for other members to read
  • Read documents shared by other members
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Stay informed about relevant events
  • Check member’s profiles to see who else is working in the field
  • Consult a fully-catalogued library of OM resources" (Outcome Mapping Learning Community)


  • Discussion forums
  • Community members
  • Resource library
  • OM applications
  • Events calendar
  • OM FAQs
  • Community Stewards
  • About
  • Contact us


Outcome Mapping Learning Community. (n.d.). OM online community. Retrieved from http://www.outcomemapping.ca/index.php

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