Bigger, better data and resilience: what’s the link?

This blog post from Linda Raftree outlines the key discussions that were held at a NYC Technology Salon examining the link between big data and resilience


"The first question at the morning salon was: What precisely do we mean by the term ‘big data’? Participants and lead discussants had varying definitions. One way of thinking about big data is that it is comprised of small bits of unintentionally produced ‘data exhaust’ (website cookies, cellphone data records, etc.) that add up to a dataset. In this case, the term big data refers to the quality and nature of the data, and we think of non-sampled data that are messy, noisy and unstructured. The mindset that goes with big data is one of ‘turning mess into meaning.’" (Raftree, 2014)


  • What the heck do we mean by ‘big data’?
  • How can big data support development?
  • What’s the link between big data and resilience?
  • Can ivory tower big data approaches contribute to resilience?
  • Can data really empower people?
  • Should we all jump on the data bandwagon?
  • What can we do to move forward?


Raftree, L. (2014, March 10). Bigger, better data and resilience: what’s the link? Retrieved from

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