A methodology for conducting rapid evidence reviews

This presentation, from Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), is aimed at developing an understanding of the need for, and utility of, rapid reviews (RR)as a useful knowledge synthesis product. It looks at the OHRI methodology with regards to the use of RRs and provides discussion of practical issues in providing a rapid review knowledge synthesis service. 


"Rapid reviews ‘defined’

  • Policymakers and healthcare stakeholders increasingly seeking evidence to inform the policymaking process
  • Often require rapid access to high-quality evidence to inform decisions on emergent issues or questions
  • Seen an increase in use of rapid review-type products
  • However, no universally accepted definition or methodological protocol of Rapid Review (RR)
  • Closest we’ve come to a definition: Rapid review (RR) ≈ Literature review produced using accelerated and streamlined systematic review (SR) methods."


Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), A methodology for conducting rapid evidence reviews. retrieved from: http://www.g-i-n.net/document-store/regional-communities/g-i-n-north-america/slides-a-methodology-for-conducting-repaid-evidence-reviews

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Sarah Cappeliez

Hello! Unfortunately, the link is broken...is the document available somewhere else? Thanks!

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