Reconstruction of Program Logic Models as an Essential Component of Program Evaluation

This presentation, given by Alexey Kuzmin at the AEA 2012 conference, outlines common problems with program logic models and provides suggestions on how to fix them during the evaluation. Kuzmin argues that reconstruction of program logic is an integral part of most evaluations and should also be included in evaluator competencies.  


"Reconstruction of Program Logic includes (based on the data collected)

  • Assessment of Program Goals
  • Reconstruction of Program Goals
  • Identification and bridging gaps in the chains of expected results
  • Assessment of the level of logical harmonization of projects and program
  • Logical harmonization of projects and program
  • Development of a comprehensive chain of reasoning   that links investments in a program with the program’s results"


  • Definition
  • Three common flaws in program logic
    • Goals are too SMART
    • Goals are too global (no goals)
    • Lack of logical harmonization between projects and programs
  • Reconstruction of program logic


Alexey Kuzmin (2012), Reconstruction of Program Logic Models as an Essential Component of Program Evaluation, AEA Conference 2012. Retrieved from:

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