Evaluation of the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy - Qualitative Cost Benefit Analysis

This paper has been developed as part of the evaluation of the Australian Government’s Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2000-2004 (the Strategy). The Strategy was intended to help families and communities build strength and capacity to solve problems, build on their assets and develop opportunities for the future, with a particular focus on those at risk of social, economic and geographic isolation.


  • The Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2000-2004
  • Undertaking a Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Methodology
  • Potential risks in undertaking Cost Benefit Analysis of the Strategy
  • Describing actual short-term and potential long-term benefits and costs of Strategy projects
  • Potential long-term benefits and costs from projects
  • Strategy Level benefits and costs
  • Benefits and costs of Strategy processes
  • Analysis of the relationships between benefits and costs


Stevens, K., & Rogers, P., & Boymal, D. Evaluation of the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2000 - 2004. Qualitative Cost Benefit Analysis. RMIT University. Circle.

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Brenda Cherkas

Is anyone aware if this qualitative approach to cost-benefit analysis has been used in subsequent evaluations?

Appreciate the feedback.

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