12 Components Monitoring and Evaluation System Strengthening Tool

This tool from UNAIDS has been developed to support the implementation of an assessment of the national HIV monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system. The aim is to facilitate a common understanding of what is being assessed among different M&E actors. The Excel workbook version of the tool -which includes dashboards for displaying the assessment results and the planned actions for improvement- can be found here. The detailed guidance on how to prepare for and implement such an assessment -using the tool- can be found here.


  • M&E System Component 1: Organisational Structures with HIV M&E Functions (p.6)
  • M&E System Component 2: Human Capacity for HIV M&E (p.12)
  • M&E System Component 3: Partnerships to Plan, Coordinate and Manage the M&E System (p.15)
  • M&E System Component 4: National, Multi-sectoral HIV M&E Plan (p.19)
  • M&E System Component 5: Annual, Costed, National HIV M&E Work Plan (p.27)
  • M&E System Component 6: Communication, Advocacy and Culture for HIV M&E (p.34)
  • M&E System Component 7: Routine HIV Programme Monitoring (p.36)
  • M&E System Component 8: Surveys and Surveillance (p.40)
  • M&E System Component 9: National and Sub-national HIV databases (p.43)
  • M&E System Component 10: Supportive Supervision and Data Auditing (p.44)
  • M&E System Component 11: HIV Evaluation and Research Agenda (p.46)
  • M&E System Component 12: Data Dissemination and Use (p.49)


UNAIDS. (2009). 12 components monitoring & evaluation system strengthening tool. Retrieved from website: http://www.unaids.org/en/media/unaids/contentassets/documents/document/2...

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Greet Peersman

A M&E strategy would cover the long-term goals, objectives and implementation approaches -including securing adequate resources- to establish a M&E system. Depending on the organization's specific M&E needs, the M&E system can be quite simple in terms of its components.

The 12 components referred to in this tool are those typically included in national M&E systems (i.e., those that require organisations at the national level, sub-national level and local level to work together for the system to function effectively). I recommend that you read this document first  - it explains the different components in a bit more depth, how they link and what types of organizations or which levels are typically responsible for implementing certain components. These guides and tools were developed for organizations working on HIV/AIDS but what is explained is also relevant to other areas of health and international development.

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Kparev sesugh Cedric

Great work

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