Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA)

Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA) is a software package that that can be used to conduct a meta-analysis simply and effectively.  It allows the user to compute the effect size for each study automatically and create high-resolution forest plots and includes a range of advanced features. Comprehensive Meta-Analysis includes a 10 day free trial of the software.


  • Work with a spreadsheet interface
  • Compute the treatment effect (or effect size) automatically
  • Perform the meta-analysis quickly and accurately
  • Create high-resolution forest plots with a single click
  • Use cumulative meta-analysis to see how the evidence has shifted over time
  • Use a “Remove-One” analysis to gauge each study’s impact
  • Work with subsets of the data
  • Work with multiple subgroups or outcomes within studies
  • Assess the impact of moderator variables
  • Assess the potential impact of publication bias


Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA), (2013), Biostat. Retrieved from:

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