Evaluation Capacity Development Group Toolkit

The Evaluation Capacity Development Group (ECDG) created this toolkit to help organizations become more evaluative by providing information, conducting training, and facilitating organizational change.


"[This toolkit] consists of distinct tools that flow one into another:

  1. Determine the need for internal evaluation capacity
  2. Define the purpose and use for evaluation
  3. Create an shared vision and appropriate organizational design for evaluation
  4. Develop a culture for evaluation
  5. Establish policies for evaluation
  6. Create a budget for evaluation
  7. Select organizational processes to be improved with evaluation
  8. Provide evaluation training
  9. Benchmark organizational changes
  10. Consider standards for evaluation"

Evaluation Capacity Development Group (p3)


  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Tool #1 To Rent or to Own
  • Resources
  • Tool #2 Purpose and Use
  • Resources
  • Domains for the application of evaluation
  • Tool #3 Visioning and Organizational Design
  • Creating a Shared Vision for Evaluation
  • The Visioning Process
  • Method One - Doodling
  • Method Two - Evaluation Scenario Planning
  • Completed Example of 2x2 Visioning Matrix for Evaluation Scenario Planning
  • Template 1: 2x2 Visioning Matrix for Evaluation Scenario Planning
  • Organizational Design
  • Resources
  • Tool #4 Organizational Culture
  • Artifacts
  • Values
  • Assumptions
  • Resources
  • Tool #5 Evaluation Policies
  • Conducting Policy Analysis
  • Resources
  • Tool #6 Budgets
  • Some rules of thumb
  • Reducing Costs
  • Keys to Effective Budgeting
  • Resources
  • Tool #7 Processes
  • Integrative Processes
  • Adaptive Processes
  • Process Mechanisms
  • Feedback
  • Process Mapping for Evaluation
  • Example
  • Resources
  • Completed Example of an Organizational Process Chart
  • Template 8: Organizational Process Chart
  • Figure x: Process Map for Mail Delivery.
  • Tool #8 Approaches to Training
  • Assessing the Need
  • Setting Goals, Objective & Priorities
  • Choosing Appropriate Instructional Methods
  • Training Implementation
  • Follow-up to Training: Assessing how well it went
  • Resources
  • Tool #9 Benchmarking
  • Internal benchmarking
  • External benchmarking
  • How to benchmark
  • Pitfalls and problems
  • Resources
  • Tool #10 Standards for Internal Evaluation
  • Resources
  • About the Authors


Russon, K. Russon, C (2005). Evaluation Capacity Development Group Toolkit. Evaluation Capacity Development Group

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