This website from the Rockefeller Foundation provides links to a range of tools and storytellers to support the development of digital stories to drive social impact. Hatch has five sections that provide detailed support in the development of digital storytelling that range from the development of a strategy for your stories through to monitoring and evaluating the impact of your strategy. 


"Hatch has five sections, each designed to help you strategically craft, curate and share stories to drive social impact. As you answer questions, you will be provided with suggested tools, case studies and resources that are customized to your needs. These recommendations will always be saved to your profile so you can access them later.

As you build your storytelling profile, you can explore case studies, look for ideas from storytelling thought leaders and even contribute your own. These resources can also be saved to your profile for later use.

You’ll notice that Hatch is still in beta. That’s because, like you, we hope we’re always learning how to do things better. We want to bring you proven examples of successful storytelling for social good, and often the best stories will come from you. Throughout Hatch, you are encouraged to connect to and learn from other storytellers, to contribute comments, ideas and case studies, and to invite others to join the community."


  • Strategy
  • Capacity
  • Content
  • Platform
  • Evaluation
  • Explore how others are driving impact with storytelling.


Hatch (2014). Hatch, Rockefeller Foundation. Retrieved from: https://www.hatchforgood.org/?utm_source=rf&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=htclaunch

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