Extensions, Utilities, and Scripts available for GIS Software

This website, from Stanford University, provides links to a variety of extensions, scripts and utilities for GIS software.


  • ArcGIS Tools and Scripting Help
  • EasyCalculate: Asset of expressions for the ArcGIS field calculator
  • ET GeoWizards: A set of functions for ArcGIS 8.1 and above packed in a user friendly wizard-type interface that helps users manipulate data with ease
  • MXD Defragmenter: reduce the size over overly large MXD files
  • Python Scripting Language Help
  • Spatial Ecology: An extension for ArcGIS designed to automate and perform spatial analysis
  • functions that cannot be conveniently accomplished with out-of-the-box
  • ArcGIS
  • V-LATE: Vector-based Landscape Analysis Tools Extension
  • XTools: contains useful vector spatial analysis, shape conversion and table management tools developed by the Oregon Department of Forestry
  • ArcView Tools
  • Spatial Tools ArcView Extension: Spatial Tools is a collection of tools for Raster/Grid data. Its menus, tools, and buttons provide access to various spatial modeling and analysis capabilities such as: clipping, mosaicking,  merging grids, resolution alteration, data clean-up and spatial analysis. Note: Spatial Analyst  must be loaded simultaneouslyDownload from USGS
  • Image to Map Transformer Utility If you need to georeference .bmp or .jpg images (aerials) to a map in ArcView, use this extension available from Seminole County GIS
  • ArcView Stream Digitizing Extension:  Created to support on-screen (heads-up) digitizing of lines and polygons in stream mode
  • The Analysis Extension: Available only on the Branner GIS workstations!
  • This extension gives ArcView additional functions such as:  Update, Eliminate, Explode, Erase, Generalize, Split, MakeGrid, MoveXY, Rotate, Thiessen, and more.
  • Spatial News: This page offers many ArcView scripts that can't be found anywhere else.
  • Piersson's ArcView Tools: Various ArcView scripts, extensions, and other goodies.  Some are unique to this site.
  • Patch Analyst: ArcView extension facilitating the spatial analysis of landscape patches.
  • ArcInfo Tools
  • Costpath for ArcInfo Workstation: performs costpath analysis on a grid
  • Fragstats: Landscape Structure and Spatial Pattern Analysis
  • General GIS Tools
  • Unit Conversion: This site will calculate conversions for Distance, Area,  Volume and more with this online converter.
  • Geographic/UTM Coordinate Converter
  • ArcView Metadata Collector: Provides a dialog for creating FGDC compliant metadata for most data types supported by ArcView.
  • Symbol Page for ArcView and ArcInfo: Custom Symbol, Marker, Fill, Font, Icon or Color palettes.
  • GeoJava Corner: A list of GeoJava-related sites and Java programming resources.
  • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) zone map
  • State Plane Coordinate System Map


Extensions, utilities, and scripts available for gis software. (2010). Retrieved from https://lib.stanford.edu/GIS/learnGIS

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