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TTC Mobile is a tool that uses mobile phone technology to send out and receive information to educate, engage and empower people on wellbeing related issues. TTC Mobile has set up mobile phone-based programmes for multiple organisations in Africa and South America.

TTC Mobile creates innovative mobile technology based concepts and specialises in interactive and incentive based text message programmes.  These include:

  • One-Way SMS: people can opt in to receive text messages that provide information, tips and reminders
  • Two-Way SMS: interactive and incentive-based quiz and survey

The platform also includes data analysis and reporting features.


Some examples of what TTC Mobile does:

  • Interactive and incentive-based quizzes to educate, engage and empower people on wellbeing related issues
  • Programs that use mobile phones for Health Management Information System purposes
  • Data collection surveys via app and SMS
  • Personalized medicine reminder programs
  • Price information systems for farmers
  • SMS-driven menu system

Have you used this MDC platform?  Can you suggest examples or advice?


TTC Mobile (2015). Retrieved December 2015, from (archived link)

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