Develop a Communications Plan

This website from The Evaluation Toolkit outlines the process for creating a Communications Plan for the effective dissemination of evaluation results.


Before beginning a communications effort, develop a communications plan which is a set of strategies that describe how you intend to communicate the results of the evaluation. The communications plan should be designed to do the following:

  • Address different aspects and techniques for discussing the evaluation results
  • Guide the process for successfully sharing the results of the evaluation
  • Answer concretely the following six questions:
    1. Who Will be the Key Staff Doing the Communicating?
    2. What are the Communications Goals and Objects?
    3. Who is the Target Audience(s)?
    4. When and How Frequently to Plan to Communicate?
    5. How to Communicate the Results?
    6. What Resources Are Available for Communicating?


The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education. (2013). Develop a communications plan. Retrieved from

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