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  1. Evaluation practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander settings – Evaluating the evaluations

    27th November, 2019

    A new project is underway to make the BetterEvaluation website more useful for those conducting or managing evaluations involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. As part of this, BetterEvaluation is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to share and promote their evaluation methods and processes, and to facilitate their feedback and reviews on evaluations that have been conducted in their communities or regions.

  2. Evaluating Policy Influence and Advocacy

    Development Theme

    Influencing and informing policy is the main aim for many development organisations. However, activities directed at policy change are, in general, very hard to monitor and evaluate. As policy change is often a complex process, it is difficult to isolate the impact of a particular intervention from the influence of other factors and various actors. In addition, monitoring and evaluation tools usually used in managing interventions can be difficult to implement in these contexts.

  3. SWOT Analysis

    Evaluation Option

    The SWOT analysis is a classic strategic planning tool originating from business and marketing analysis that encourages groups (or individuals) to reflect on and assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a particular strategy and how it can best be implemented.

  4. Mentoring

    Evaluation Option
    Mustang Mentoring 2011 By Brian Ujiie

    Mentoring is a process where people are able to share their professional and personal experiences in order to support their development and growth in all spheres of life. Generally mentoring is a one to one relationship where a person with more experience in an area or organisation is paired with someone who wishes to develop their skills and abilities in order to perform at a higher level. 

  5. BetterEvaluation at the AEA2016: Evaluation + Design

    25th October, 2016

    This week over 3,000 people from all over the world are expected to meet in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2016 conference of the American Evaluation Association.  The theme this year, Evaluation + Design, explores integration of design and evaluation in three areas:

    • Program design,
    • Evaluation design,
    • Information design

    Here's a quick link to the Conference Program

  6. C4D Hub: Collect and or retrieve data (methods)

    Development Theme

    What is it?

  7. Thematic Coding

    Evaluation Option

    Thematic coding is a form of qualitative analysis which involves recording or identifying passages of text or images that are linked by a common theme or idea allowing you to index the text into categories and therefore establish a “framework of thematic ideas about it” (Gibbs 2007).