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  1. Randomised Controlled Trial


    ... as cluster randomized control trials.  There are two main reasons to randomize at a level larger than the individual. First, it can ... treatment and control groups to derive the impact estimate. Results are reported to the implementing partner. Examples The RCT ...

  2. Evaluability Assessment

    Development Theme


  3. Week 18: is there a 'right' approach to establishing causation in advocacy evaluation?

    Blog entry

    We’ve talked  before  on this blog about evaluating advocacy interventions. One of the hottest debates is how and to what extent it is possible to establish causation in advocacy programmes. Here, Josephine Tsui, a Research Officer at ODI and...

  4. Logframer


    ... approach (LFA), Project Cycle Management (PCM), and Results Based Management (RBM). Stevens, B. (2013)  ... quick-and-dirty concept programmes, where you only use the main features of the programme. But when you really delve into it and use it to ...

  5. Stakeholder mapping and analysis

    Evaluation Option

    ... allow you to identify the stakeholders who will serve as the main sources of data for the evaluation. There are dangers inherent in NOT ... 3) Indicate each stakeholder's interest in the evaluation results, that is, whether a stakeholder Will use the results for ...

  6. Standards for Evaluation in Government


    ... and the NEPF should be read together. In the NEPF four main purposes of evaluation are described: Improving policy or ... recommendations    p.11 Dissemination of evaluation results    p.11 Reflection on the evaluation process and product   ...

  7. Decide Purpose


    It is important that key stakeholders agree on the main purpose or purposes of evaluation, and be aware of any possible conflicts ... monitor, assess and report on their performance and results.  Seeking Surprise: rethinking monitoring for collective ...

  8. Community Scoping

    Evaluation Option

    ... engagement. This is option can very insightful with better results coming when enough time is given to the process to allow for underlying ... Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP)  provides an outline of the main ideas and processes involved in community scoping. Source ...

  9. Advisory Group

    Evaluation Option

    ... the evaluation timeframe. This is not always feasible where results are needed within a very limited timescale. The culture of the ... setting up an advisory group include: What is the main purpose for setting up this group? What are the likely benefits? How ...

  10. Mobile Data Collection

    Evaluation Option

    ... data easier.   Because the data are entered into the main database at the same time as they are collected, the long process of ... collecting app for android, offline work, streaming of results directly into visualisations (concretely: online graph or table updates ...