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  1. Mobile Data Collection

    Evaluation Option

    ... data easier.   Because the data are entered into the main database at the same time as they are collected, the long process of ... collecting app for android, offline work, streaming of results directly into visualisations (concretely: online graph or table updates ...

  2. The Qualitative Method of Impact Analysis


    ... 2012 The main focus of this paper is on causation or causality as a qualitative impact ... Modus Operandi Tasks:  Check the results are consistent with causal contribution Overview ...

  3. ORID

    Evaluation Option

    ... of questions this option answers: What are the main issues of concern to stakeholders and how might they be advanced? How ... of talk where everyone has a great time but not much results. ORIDs are used in many situations, not just evaluation ...

  4. Evaluation led by children (x-post from Gender And Evaluation)

    Blog entry


  5. Feminist evaluation

    Development Theme


  6. Executive Summaries

    Evaluation Option

    ... can be more influential and read by more readers than the main body of the report. Example A Joint Evaluation of the ... response would demonstrate greater accountability and the results would be taken more  seriously. The objectives of the JE were to ...

  7. Regression Discontinuity

    Evaluation Option

    ... Be aware that RD provides limited external validity as results are only generalizable around the cut-off - provision of a service ... design, it is possible to overcome three of the main problems associated with it compared to randomized control trials (RCT) ...

  8. Video

    Evaluation Option

    ... surprises (e.g. fashioning a video from whatever footage results from filming of different events), but it risks resulting in a poorly ... and Alberto Posso that presents the project's background, main findings and policy recommendations. Sources Crawford, D. ...

  9. Practical tips on how to strengthen National Evaluation Systems


    ... of understanding the country context Making the link to results-oriented management practices Clarifying the range of uses and ... Key components of the NES infrastructure The main actors in-country in NECD – their roles and responsibilities How ...

  10. I'm doing an impact evaluation: What evidence do I need? (#AES17 presentation slides)


    ... Principal Specialist Performance Management and Results, DFAT. Scott Bayley is the Principal Specialist Performance ... proven effectiveness are rare. Their scarcity stems from two main factors: 1) the vast majority of social programs and services have not yet ...