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  1. Community Scoping

    Evaluation Option

    ... engagement. This is option can very insightful with better results coming when enough time is given to the process to allow for underlying ... Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP)  provides an outline of the main ideas and processes involved in community scoping. Source ...

  2. RAPID Outcomes Assessment

    Evaluation Option

    ... the key changes. The ROA methodology has three main stages. The first stage is a preparation stage, during which a document ... dairy policy shift in Kenya . - The paper presents the results of the analysis of policy changes that occurred during and after the ...

  3. UNICEF Webinar: Quasi-experimental design and methods


    Language English What is the main difference between quasi-experiments and RCTs? How can I measure impact ... to UNICEF staff who commission or utilize the results from impact evaluations, but will likely be of interest to others. The ...

  4. Advisory Group

    Evaluation Option

    ... the evaluation timeframe. This is not always feasible where results are needed within a very limited timescale. The culture of the ... setting up an advisory group include: What is the main purpose for setting up this group? What are the likely benefits? How ...

  5. An Introduction to Applied Data Analysis with Qualitative Comparative Analysis


    ... Comparative Analysis (QCA). It discusses the method's main principles and advantages including its concepts.  It then goes on to ... output. Finally, the article demonstrates how to use QCA results to inform data analysis. Legewie, Nicolas (2013). An ...

  6. Executive Summaries

    Evaluation Option

    ... can be more influential and read by more readers than the main body of the report. Example A Joint Evaluation of the ... response would demonstrate greater accountability and the results would be taken more  seriously. The objectives of the JE were to ...

  7. Mobile Data Collection

    Evaluation Option

    ... data easier.   Because the data are entered into the main database at the same time as they are collected, the long process of ... collecting app for android, offline work, streaming of results directly into visualisations (concretely: online graph or table updates ...

  8. Evaluating the Performance of an Organisation

    Development Theme

    An organisational assessment is a systematic process for obtaining valid information about the performance of an organisation and the factors that affect performance.  It differs from other types of evaluations because the assessment focuses on...

  9. Regression Discontinuity

    Evaluation Option

    ... Be aware that RD provides limited external validity as results are only generalizable around the cut-off - provision of a service ... design, it is possible to overcome three of the main problems associated with it compared to randomized control trials (RCT) ...

  10. C4D Hub: Investigate Causal Attribution and Contribution

    Development Theme

    ... data about activities and changes in conditions (expected results) - there needs to be an investigation of the role of the intervention in producing these results. This is needed for any outcome or impact evaluation and also for any ...