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  1. Community Health Worker Evaluation Tool Kit


    ... It concentrates on results and focuses on developing an evaluation plan and choosing appropriate ... and evaluation tools for a CHW program.  One of the main purposes is to make evaluation a simple and empowering experience for ...

  2. Evaluating Capacity Development: A Case from Agricultural Research


    ... their underlying theories and assumptions, document their results, and draw lessons for improving future programs. This report describes ... in response to three evaluation questions: What were the main contributions of the project to agricultural research management? What ...

  3. 12 Components Monitoring & Evaluation System Assessment


    ... activities. The Guidelines are built around the 12 main components of the HIV M&E system, which define the Organizing Framework ...

  4. Local Administration and Reform Project Mid-Term Evaluation


    ... and accountable management of what should be Cambodia’s main assets—its people; its natural resources; its economic potential; and ...

  5. Process Tracing and Contribution Analysis: A Combined Approach to Generative Causal Inference for Impact Evaluation


    ... ToC Prior evidence for the intervention Main evaluation findings A ToC for the intervention The ... Process Tracing Tasks:  Check the results are consistent with causal contribution Overview ...

  6. Mid-Term Evaluation of the Kenya Civil Society Strengthening Program


    ... 2010 "Specifically, the main objectives of the KCSSP evaluation were: Assess the quality of ... of KCSSP to date against the program’s objectives and results; Address the impact of the KCSSP on selected sub-grantees in ...

  7. Does Head Start Improve Children’s Life Chances? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design


    ... A new source of funding was identified , which is the main factor behind this research to identify the program’s effects on health ... Regression Discontinuity Tasks:  Compare results to the counterfactual Example ...

  8. A practical guide for actor focused Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation


    ... the changes in their target groups. We identified the main characteristics of an actor focused PME approach as follows: 1. a key ... evaluations 21 SenseMaker 23 Using a common results framework and integrated planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning ...

  9. AES Workshop: What does the evaluator mean? Building the skills to understand evaluation reports and apply the findings to policy and practice



  10. Week 4: The top ten developments in qualitative evaluation over the last decade – part 1

    Blog entry

    ... for inductive purposes i.e. pattern finding, via three main means (as far as I can see) : finding clusters, identifying one to one ... be at times a very large haystack of possibilities, and the results can then be further refined by application of relevant theories of what ...