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  1. CFD 203: Aligning Evaluation Data Collections Practices with Qualitative Data Analysis Software

    18th February, 2015

    AEA Coffee Break Series - Qualitative data analysis software (QDAS) is an increasingly popular tool for managing and analyzing data in evaluation research including data from focus groups and interviews, program background documents, and other qualitative data sources. In this Coffee Break, the presenters will discuss how to design evaluation data collection tools and train data collection teams to get the most benefit from qualitative software.

  2. International Program for Development Evaluation Training 2016: Building Skills to Evaluate Development Interventions

    6th June, 2016 to 1st July, 2016

    The International Program for Development Evaluation Training is an executive training program that features a two-week Core Course, followed by two weeks of 26 in-depth workshops, taught by a dynamic group of renowned international faculty drawn from organizations around the world. The program is highly responsive to the changing international environment, addressing the requirements of new development policies and delivery mechanisms that favor local ownership, increased national accountability, and partnership. Similarly, the curriculum is designed to reflect the international shift in focus from project evaluation to more complex program-, policy-, country-, and even global-level evaluation.