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  1. ‘M&E on the Cutting Edge’ Conference- ‘Partnering for Success- How Monitoring and Evaluation can strengthen Partnerships for Sustainable Development’

    17th March, 2016 to 18th March, 2016

    This international conference is organised by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR, and Learning by Design, in collaboration with the PPPLab. The two-day conference (17-18 March) will connect the realities of those working in practice with ideas from people who are thought leaders on Partnerships, Monitoring and Evaluation and Sustainable Development. Keynote presentations, paper presentations, workshops, panel discussions and plenary discussions will ensure a lively and thoughtful opportunity to question one’s own practice and find inspiration for new ideas. The programme includes more than 25 contributions from all over the world. 

  2. Data Visualization for Decision Making in HIV Programs

    27th April, 2016

    Join MEASURE Evaluation April 27 at 11am EDT for a webinar on data visualization for decision making in HIV programs. With the introduction and strengthening of electronic health information systems, health data have become increasingly available in digital formats. Access to data, however, is not sufficient. Data ​visualization can help would-be data users to see patterns, trends, and correlations that might otherwise go undetected. 

  3. National Evaluation Systems in the public service: Institutionalizing evidence informed policy and decision making

    28th June, 2021 to 2nd July, 2021

    What is institutionalisation of evaluation in the public service, why it is important in public policy and how to institutionalise evaluation within the public service? The workshop explores evaluation policy, approaches to build capacity to supply and demand evaluations, evaluation standards, and approaches to ensuring use of evaluation.