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  1. New design- what do you think?

    Forum topic

    you would like to see different.   Thanks, Simon and the BetterEvalaution Team Forums:  Feedback ...

  2. What do you think of our new front page

    Forum topic

    Forums:  Feedback ...

  3. New thematic content pages- what do you think?

    Forum topic

    Tags:  climate change capacity strengthening content Feedback Themes Forums:  Feedback ...

  4. Enemy-M&E

    Forum topic

    M&E Forums:  General Evaluation Discussion ...

  5. Theories of change and situation analysis

    Forum topic

    analsysis Forums:  General Evaluation Discussion ...

  6. Tips on running focus groups where a translator is required

    Forum topic

    welcome! Tags:  Focus groups language barrier translation Forums:  General Evaluation Discussion ...

  7. Grants, Funding, Fellowships and other exciting opportunities!

    Forum topic

    Hi Forum, Below is a link for Grants, Donor Funding, Fellowships and other exciting opportunities! ... Thank You. Tags:  grants Funding Fellowships Forums:  General Evaluation Discussion ...

  8. Process Map of M&E for Public Policy??

    Forum topic

    business process M&E activities Forums:  General Evaluation Discussion ...

  9. Qualitative Impact Evaluation Methods for Rigours IE

    Forum topic

    other qualitative options to add to the list above. Post them here if you do. Forums:  General ...

  10. Linkages between M&E and KM

    Forum topic

    approaches and the final product. I am yet to find any comprehensive article on this and feel this Forum ... could guide me to ge the right answers. Thanks. Rezwan Tags:  knowledge mangement M&E Forums ...