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  1. Webinar: Storytelling, Participatory Media, & Public Health & Human Rights

    9th March, 2016

    Please join StoryCenter for a free one-hour webinar, "Storytelling, Participatory Media, and International Public Health and Human Rights". For the past 10 years, Silence Speaks has been exploring how StoryCenter's methods can be adapted to support international public health and human rights promotion. The webinar includes an overview of the theory behind this work, a glimpse of current projects focused on sexual and reproductive health and women's rights, and an introduction to the ethical considerations practitioners and advocates must address ! in designing impactful storytelling and participatory media efforts.

  2. Evaluations that make a difference


    This collection gathers eight stories from around the world about evaluations that have made a difference to the lives of people. These stories collectively represent a range of approaches to evaluation, making it clear that there is no one 'right' way to do evaluation that leads to improvements in people’s lives. This project was supported through an EvalPartners-Innovation Challenge grant, which aimed to strengthen the demand for and use of evaluation to inform policy making during the International Year of Evaluation (2015).