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  1. BetterEvaluation's projects

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  2. Better Monitoring

    Development Theme

    Phase 1 funded by UNICEF

    Globally, the monitoring function in and across organisations has not always benefitted from the same collective investment and inter-organisation cooperation in professionalization and systems strengthening as the planning and evaluation functions.

  3. Monitoring

    Development Theme

    Monitoring is a process to periodically collect, analyse and use information to actively manage performance, maximise positive impacts and minimise the risk of adverse impacts. It is an important part of effective management because it can provide early and ongoing information to help shape implementation in advance of evaluations.

  4. What do we need for better monitoring?

    29th November, 2021

    This blog by Jo Hall and Patricia Rogers provides an update on the Global Partnership for Better Monitoring project.

  5. Better Monitoring: Help us address the neglected ‘M’ in M&E

    15th September, 2021

    Effective monitoring is essential for managing performance, however, despite this, monitoring is often undervalued and understood quite narrowly.

    While the term “Monitoring and Evaluation” (M&E) is widely used, the monitoring function has not always benefitted from the same level of investment, professionalization and systems strengthening as the evaluation function. Instead, the monitoring function is often relegated to or viewed as a lower-level, technical function. This comes at the expense of really using monitoring to manage performance and maximise impact.