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  1. Straws-in-the-wind, Hoops and Smoking Guns: What can Process Tracing Offer to Impact Evaluation?


    This discussion paper, written by Melanie Punton and Katharina Welle, looks at the potential use of Process Tracing in an impact evaluation context. It examines the methodological and theoretical foundations of process tracing and examines two examples of its application in international development interventions.

  2. Contribution Tracing

    11th July, 2016 to 13th July, 2016
    United Kingdom

    There is increasing emphasis placed by impact evaluation commissioners on assessing the contribution made by projects and programmes to changing people’s lives, commonly referred to as a ‘contribution claim’. It can be argued that current theory-based approaches fail to provide evaluators with guidance on the ‘right’ data to gather and the quality of that data in relation to a particular contribution claim. This course aims to guide evaluators to collect data which can help assess how strongly or weakly such data support contribution claims.