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  1. SRA: Writing effective research reports

    22nd May, 2015
    United Kingdom

    This course is designed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge to write high quality research reports.  You will go through the process of report-writing, starting with planning a report to meet the needs of different audiences, then moving on to consider overall structure and format, organization of material into sections or chapters and how to present different kinds of material in different ways to maximize impact and ease of use.

  2. From Paper to Public- CASR Occasional Seminar Series

    11th September, 2015

    RMIT's Centre for Applied Social Research presents this special panel discussion on taking your research to the public and making an impact. Producing a research report, book or journal article is all well and good, but often this isn’t enough to make an impact outside academia. We’ve asked Professor Patricia Rogers, BetterEvaluation Director, and a panel of senior researchers to discuss how they’ve gone beyond the publication to have their research talked about and listened to, and what frustrations this sometimes entails.

  3. Week 15: Fitting reporting methods to evaluation findings – and audiences

    11th April, 2014

    A few weeks ago we responded to a question from BetterEvaluation user Rituu B. Nanda on interesting ways of presenting data in evaluation reports. The conversation continued on the American Evaluation Association LinkedIn group. This week we're sharing some ideas from Rakesh Mohan on ways of making evaluation reports more interesting. Rakesh is Director at the Office of Performance Evaluations, Idaho State Legislature. He discusses how his team presented the findings of different evaluations which were intended for both policy-makers and public audiences.