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  1. Rapid Evaluation

    real-time evaluation, rapid feedback evaluation, rapid-cycle evaluation, rapid appraisal

    Rapid Evaluation is an approach designed to quickly and systematically conduct an evaluation when time or resources are limited.

  2. Why do we need more real-time evaluation?

    15th April, 2021

    We’re currently going through a global period of rapid change and adaption, due in large part to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our lives and work. As our world is changing, many individuals and organisations are finding that traditional evaluation methods are not meeting the needs of rapidly changing implementation or brand new interventions where interventions are being designed as they are implemented. It’s in this context that it’s become important to use evidence and support learning in real-time.

  3. Rapid Evaluation

    12th May, 2021

    Eleanor Williams is the Director of the Centre for Evaluation and Research Evidence at the Victorian Department of Health.