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  1. The use of monitoring and evaluation in agriculture and rural development projects


    The document reviews monitoring and evaluation practises carried out in agricultural and rural development projects, financed by the World Bank. It provides a critical analysis of strengthens and weakness of the M&E processes, lessons learned, and guiding principles.

  2. Ushahidi Tool


    Ushahidi Tool is a "free and open source mapping and content management system which can be used by organizations worldwide in... crisis-related situations. The main goal of the [tool] is to create a system that facilitates early warning systems and helps in data visualization for response and recovery." ("Ushahidi," 2012)

  3. Monitoring the composition and evolution of the research networks of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB)


    This Brief provides an example of how Social Network Analysis (SNA) can be used, in the context of agricultural research. The authors describe what SNA is, and how it was applied, step by step. They also present the findings of a particular network analysis, so readers can understand what types of information a SNA can generate, its pros and cons. In this example, SNA is used as a monitoring mechanism to study the evolution of a research network, and consequently, the evolution of the types of research being conducted.

    For more information on how the SNA was used, and the results, please refer to the full report.

  4. BetterEvaluation's projects

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  5. Using rubrics for monitoring

    Forum topic

    I am keen to understand peoples' experience with rubrics in program monitoring and whether the progress expected in a program and detailed indicators can be accommodated in a rubric. I like the idea of consolidating results into a rubric by using ind ...

  6. Better Monitoring

    Development Theme

    Phase 1 funded by UNICEF

    Globally, the monitoring function in and across organisations has not always benefitted from the same collective investment and inter-organisation cooperation in professionalization and systems strengthening as the planning and evaluation functions.

  7. Better Monitoring: Help us address the neglected ‘M’ in M&E

    15th September, 2021

    Effective monitoring is essential for managing performance, however, despite this, monitoring is often undervalued and understood quite narrowly.

    While the term “Monitoring and Evaluation” (M&E) is widely used, the monitoring function has not always benefitted from the same level of investment, professionalization and systems strengthening as the evaluation function. Instead, the monitoring function is often relegated to or viewed as a lower-level, technical function. This comes at the expense of really using monitoring to manage performance and maximise impact.

  8. BetterMonitoring draft framework- September 2021

    Development Theme

    BetterEvaluation is working with UNICEF to try and improve our collective understanding and practice of the monitoring function. This is part of the Global Partnership for Better Monitoring. This initiative focuses on trying to elevate the monitoring function to make it more visible and to provide information about how to plan, conduct and use monitoring activities well.

  9. Enemy-M&E

    Forum topic

    At the SAMEA conference this year, in South Africa, Dugan Fraser made a very interesting presentation entitled 'How to avoid Feeding Enemy M&E'. He presented how M&E can cause harm or beenfit a project, if used well. From his presentatio ...