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  1. Program Logic / Theory of Change Training- November 6th – 7th 2014

    6th November, 2014 to 7th November, 2014

    This workshop introduces the program logic concept and lays out a step by step process for creating a logic model. Program logic models illustrate the expected cause-and-effect relationships between activities, immediate changes, intermediate outcomes and final outcomes for a given program. Often represented as a diagram, a program logic model shows a series of expected consequences, not just a sequence of events. Articulating a program logic often requires 'backward mapping'.

  2. Program Logic / Theory of Change (2 days)

    29th March, 2017 to 30th March, 2017

    This workshop style training course introduces the program logic / theory of change concept and a step by step process for creating a logic model for programs of all types and levels of complexity. A program logic/ theory of change focuses not just on how a project is trying to achieve change, and what kinds of change, but also on who needs to change. The course includes discussion of how program logic / theory of change can be used for program design and to provide the structure for monitoring and evaluation plans.