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  1. Advanced Program Logic / Theory of Change

    30th April, 2015 to 1st May, 2015

    This workshop is offered to experienced program logic/theory of change facilitators or those who have already attended several courses on this topic. If you have already mastered the basics and wish to find answers to more in-depth challenges or learn how to develop logic/ theory of change for more complex programs then this workshop is for you.

  2. Program Logic / Theory of Change

    14th October, 2015 to 15th October, 2015

    This workshop style training course introduces the program logic / theory of change concept and lays out a step by step process for creating a logic model for complex, multi-stakeholder programs. A program logic/ theory of change focuses not just on what, and how a project is trying to achieve change but also on the who will be changing. The course includes discussion of how program logic / theory of change can be used for program design and how it can be used to provide the structure for monitoring and evaluation plans.

  3. Theory Maker


    This free and open-sourced web-based tool was made by Steve Powell as a quick and simple way of creating a theory of change. 

  4. Using logic models and theories of change better in evaluation

    19th May, 2017

    Many evaluations include a process of developing logic models and theories of change – an explanation of how the activities of a program, project, policy, network or event are expected to contribute to particular results in the short-term and longer-term.  They have been used for many years -  versions can be seen in Carol Weiss’ 1972 book "Evaluation research: methods for assessing program effectiveness" -  and they have been mainstreamed in many organisations as an essential component of plan