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  1. 7 ways to make your advocacy, lobbying and policy-influencing work more visible using monitoring and evaluation

    11th March, 2015

    Gavin Stedman-Bryce has a special interest in evaluating advocacy, lobbying and policy-influencing work. In this free 30 minute coffee break webinar, he will share with you 7 ways in which you can use monitoring and evaluation to make your influencing work more visible. This webinar will last for 30 minutes with the opportunity to ask questions via Facebook after.

  2. Evaluating your nonprofit's lobbyist


    This guide provides eight key activities that organisations should use to evaluate the effectiveness of their lobbyist. 

  3. Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest (CLPI)


    Founded in 1998 as a project of the Independent Sector, the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest (CLPI, now the Council for Nonprofits Everyday Advocacy) is now a national, nonprofit organization that helps charitable organizations increase their effectiveness and impact through advocacy.

    The CLPI has moved to the Council of Non-Profits. More up to date information can be found on their website, including 'everyday advocacy' resources. Some of this links in this page are archived.

  4. Evaluating Policy Influence and Advocacy

    Development Theme

    Influencing and informing policy is the main aim for many development organisations. However, activities directed at policy change are, in general, very hard to monitor and evaluate. As policy change is often a complex process, it is difficult to isolate the impact of a particular intervention from the influence of other factors and various actors. In addition, monitoring and evaluation tools usually used in managing interventions can be difficult to implement in these contexts.