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  1. The use of monitoring and evaluation in agriculture and rural development projects


    The document reviews monitoring and evaluation practises carried out in agricultural and rural development projects, financed by the World Bank. It provides a critical analysis of strengthens and weakness of the M&E processes, lessons learned, and guiding principles.

  2. PRiME Impact Evaluation Course

    6th May, 2019 to 10th May, 2019

    This course is part of the PRiME training and global certification framework for M&E and impact assessment in rural development. It will be the first advanced course of this certification and will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from May 6 to 10, 2019. The objective is is to develop capacities of national monitoring and evaluation officers of national governments as well as other practitioners in relevant areas implementing rural development projects. Specifically, capacity building in impact evaluation applied to rural development through a dedicated course on impact evaluation drawing from good international practices and including in the field experience from the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE).

  3. Evaluation of agricultural projects and programs

    Development Theme

    Like other sectors such as health, education or public security for example, the agricultural sector and the activities carried out in its delivery, has its own characteristics and peculiarities. From its infancy around ten thousand years ago, agriculture has been about people – how they respond to their changing environment in ways that allow them to survive, organize, develop technologies, evolve socially, and prosper. Since its modest beginnings, the agricultural sector has become increasingly complex and multi-faceted. The challenge agriculture faces today is how to feed the world population in an equitable manner while protecting the environment from irreversible negative changes.

  4. Managing for impact in rural development, a guide for project M&E, section 2: Using M&E to manage for impact


    This resource published by IFAD discusses how monitoring and evaluation can be used to manage projects to maximise their impact, in this case on poverty reduction.