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  1. Using Appreciative Inquiry in Evaluation Practice


    These Powerpoint slides are from a workshop by Hallie Preskill at the 2007 Summer Institute of the American Evaluation Association and the Centers for Disease Control.

  2. Claremont Evaluation Center's Professional Development Workshop Series in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods

    18th August, 2016 to 23rd August, 2016

    The Claremont Evaluation Center brings you this longstanding series which provides practical and theoretical training in evaluation and applied research through one-day workshops, taught by academics and practitioners from across the globe.

  3. Claremont Evaluation Center Professional Development Workshops (multiple workshops and dates)

    15th August, 2018 to 22nd August, 2018
    United States

     This August, the Claremont Evaluation Center is offering its annual Professional Development Workshops, which provide working professionals and students with world-class practical and theoretical training in evaluation and applied research. This longstanding series, taught by leading academics and seasoned practitioners, can be experienced onsite at Claremont Graduate University, or wherever you are, thanks to highly interactive online webcasts. Previous years have consistently brought hundreds of participants to Claremont from across the globe, representing an exciting cross-section of the private and public sectors.

  4. Indagación apreciativa


    La indagación apreciativa (IA) es un enfoque orientado al cambio organizacional que se enfoca en las fortalezas antes que en las debilidades, y por lo tanto difiere en gran medida de muchos enfoques evaluativos que se centran en las carencias y los problemas.​

    Also Available In: English
  5. Appreciative Inquiry: An approach for learning and change based on our own best practices


    "Since it was conceptualized in the late 1980s as a research methodology and change paradigm, the technique of ‘appreciative inquiry’ (AI) has proved to be highly effective for capturing the positive features of an organization or social system and energizing the members to strive for higher levels of performance. This Brief outlines the basic principles and methods of AI, describes various domains in which it has been undertaken and provides a recent example of its use in a centre affiliated with the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)."

    Source: Acousta & Douthwaite 2005, Appreciative Inquiry: An approach for learning and change based on our own best practices​ 

  6. Appreciative Inquiry


    Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to organisational change which focuses on strengths rather than on weaknesses - quite different to many approaches to evaluation which focus on deficits and problems.  

    Also Available In: Español