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  1. Week 39: Closing the series on visionary evaluation

    1st October, 2014

    Thanks to everyone for your posts about the AEA conference theme and for reading the blogs. With each post, I have learned something new and have been stimulated to think about the theme in a different way.

  2. Week 40: Visionary Evaluation AEA 2014 song

    15th October, 2014

    To celebrate the start of the 2014 conference of the American Evaluation Association, we're delighted to be able to share the lyrics and music of the Visionary Evaluation AEA 2014 song to make it easier to sing along during and after the conference.

  3. Week 38: Addressing sustainability in evaluation

    30th September, 2014

    This year’s AEA theme of visionary evaluation challenges evaluators to consider how their work can contribute to a sustainable future.  In this week’s blog post, we’ve asked Will Allen for advice about how evaluations can address sustainability.

    When we talk about a “sustainable future” what do we mean?

  4. Week 35: What is Visionary Evaluation?

    5th September, 2014

    Today we start a series on "visionary evaluation" - the theme of the 2014 American Evaluation Association conference in October.  The series is designed to encourage discussion of these issues to inform presentations and discussions at the conference and to allow a global conversation about them.

  5. Week 37: Why is equity so important in evaluation?

    19th September, 2014

    This is #3 in our series on visionary evaluation.  Why is equity so important in evaluation? How can evaluations be better designed to account for equity issues?

  6. Week 36: Systems thinking

    15th September, 2014

    This is #2 in our series on visionary evaluation. This year’s AEA Conference theme is visionary evaluation – systems thinking, equity and sustainability.  Which begs the question what is systems thinking?

    There are dozens of definitions but for me it is the combination of three things:

    1. Understanding inter-relationships
    2. Engaging with multiple-perspectives
    3. Reflecting on boundary choices

    …. And how does that contribute to visionary evaluation?

  7. Week 43: Evaluating sustainability

    31st October, 2014

    [Editor's note, 02/12/14: a previous version of this blog was published without images, this has now been corrected.]