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  1. BetterEvaluation FAQ: How can you get stakeholders to articulate how they think a program or project works?

    29th July, 2016

    In our last newsletter we drew attention to our option page on Articulating Mental Models (part of the Develop program theory or logic model task), and asked the BetterEvaluation community: 

  2. How to make toast- An exercise in Group Model Building


    This 9 minute TED Talk outlines the process and benefits of group model building exercises, using the example of 'making toast'. This exercise could be used to help build group model building skills in a team, or adapted to tackle a real-life problem.

  3. What are some options and processes to help stakeholders articulate how they think a program works? (AES17 co-creation challenge #1)

    28th September, 2017

    The material from BetterEvaluation comes from a combination of curating existing material and co-creating new material.  This blog is part of an ongoing series about material that we have co-created with BetterEvaluation users. It shares material that was jointly developed through a challenge process at the 2017 Australasian Evaluation Society conference in Canberra in September.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this co-creation challenge!