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  1. International Program for Development Evaluation Training 2016: Building Skills to Evaluate Development Interventions

    6th June, 2016 to 1st July, 2016

    The International Program for Development Evaluation Training is an executive training program that features a two-week Core Course, followed by two weeks of 26 in-depth workshops, taught by a dynamic group of renowned international faculty drawn from organizations around the world. The program is highly responsive to the changing international environment, addressing the requirements of new development policies and delivery mechanisms that favor local ownership, increased national accountability, and partnership. Similarly, the curriculum is designed to reflect the international shift in focus from project evaluation to more complex program-, policy-, country-, and even global-level evaluation.

  2. Developmental evaluation workshop

    13th February, 2019 to 15th February, 2019
    New Zealand

    This three-day workshop aims to take a deep dive into the practice of developmental evaluation, exploring, unpacking and engaging participants in what it means to practice evaluation using principles as guides. Participants will be equipped with the confidence, mind-set and motivation, as well as with new skills and tools to engage in developmental evaluation practice in their own settings.

  3. The Developmental Evaluation Institute


    The Developmental Evaluation Institute (DEI) website aims to provide pathways for new, emerging, and mid-career evaluators to develop skills in Developmental Evaluation for social justice.

  4. Dealing With Complexity in Development Evaluation- A Practical Approach


    This book offers practical guidance to policymakers, managers, and evaluation practitioners on how to design and implement complexity-responsive evaluations that can be undertaken in the real world of time, budget, data, and political constraints.

  5. Developmental Evaluation: Diagnostic Checklist


    This checklist aims to help users assess whether Developmental Evaluation is a good fit for your situation. The tool is comprised of three checklists that ask you to answer a series of questions in the following areas: Developmental situation, adaptive capacity and readiness for learning and evaluation.

  6. Horizontal Evaluation

    Horizontal Learning

    Horizontal evaluation is an approach that combines self-assessment by local participants and external review by peers. Originally  developed to evaluate new methodologies for agricultural research and development, horizontal evaluation has wider potential for application.  In its original setting, the focus of horizontal evaluation is the actual R&D methodology itself rather than the project per se or the team or organisation that developed it.

    Also Available In: Español