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  1. Evaluation for equitable development results


    This document is made up of a range of Evaluation Working Papers (EWP) focused on evaluation for equitable development. Put together by evaluation specialists they present strategic evaluation findings, lessons learned and innovative approaches and methodologies. 

  2. Week 37: Why is equity so important in evaluation?

    19th September, 2014

    This is #3 in our series on visionary evaluation.  Why is equity so important in evaluation? How can evaluations be better designed to account for equity issues?

  3. How to design and manage Equity-focused evaluations


    This guide from UNICEF is divided into two parts. It begins by defining equity and its importance and relevance today. It then unpacks the concept that is Equity-focused evaluation, explaining what its purpose should be and highlights potential challenges in its promotion and implementation.

  4. Incorporating people's values in development: weighting alternatives


    Timely information about people’s desires could improve policy-makers’ ability to allocate resources to maximum effect and monitor interventions and outcomes. In developing a multidimensional well-being tool to compare the effectiveness of different interventions, weights aim to capture the relative importance of each component to a person’s overall well-being. In this ODI Development Progress Project Note, Laura Rodriguez Takeuchi explores how we may obtain weights based on people’s perceptions of what is important, proposing two methodologies for testing in a pilot project.