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  1. Better ways of choosing and using metrics in evaluation of impact investing

    15th September, 2020

    We invited Mishkah Jakoet to share some thoughts on how metrics can be more useful for impact investing.  Mishkah brings considerable experience in evaluation for impact investing, including contributing to the revision of the IRIS+ indicators.

  2. Objectives-Based Evaluation (OBE) for impact investing

    13th October, 2020

    Bob Picciotto is a former Director General of the Independent Evaluation Group which oversees evaluation in the International Finance Corporation, an agency dedicated to the promotion of private sector development in developing countries. In this guest blog, he argues that the ethical investment community has much to learn from the Objectives-Based Evaluation (OBE) approach used by the multilateral development banks: OBE rates social and environmental sustainability performance as well as economic and financial returns.