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  1. Reflections from BetterEvaluation’s outgoing CEO, Patricia Rogers

    9th September, 2021

    As of September 9th, BetterEvaluation’s inaugural CEO, Patricia Rogers has passed on the reins to the BetterEvaluation team and Mark Madden, the interim CEO. In this blog post, Patricia shares some of her highlights over the past 12 years.

  2. Introducing the next phase of BetterEvaluation

    Doing evaluation well has always been important, but right now it is critical. We invite you to take a moment to read this message from the BetterEvaluation team.

  3. Using the BetterEvaluation Resource Library

    18th July, 2019

    BetterEvaluation has over 1600 resources on evaluation tasks and options, with more being added each week. These include overviews, guides, examples, tools or toolkits, and discussion papers. Read the below guide for tips on how to find what you are after.

    Finding a resource in the BetterEvaluation library

    Option 1. Search for a resource via keywords