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  1. Developing a research agenda for impact evaluation

    13th February, 2015

    Impact evaluation, like many areas of evaluation, is under-researched. Doing systematic research about evaluation takes considerable resources, and is often constrained by the availability of information about evaluation practice.  Much of the work undertaken in evaluation is not readily visible (see  the recent comments by Drew Cameron on an earlier blog post which provide details about the considerable effort involved in a study of impact evaluations in development).  

  2. The balancing act of research impact

    10th January, 2017

    This blog post was originally posted on the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) blog. It has been republished with ANZSOG's permission. You can find the BetterEvaluation resource page for the article discussed here.

  3. Impact evaluation: UNICEF's briefs and videos

    29th January, 2015

    Nikola Balvin, Knowledge Management Specialist at the UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti, presents new resources on impact evaluation and discusses how they can be used to support managers who commission impact evaluations.

  4. What do we mean by ‘impact’?

    17th March, 2016

    International development is fixated with impact. But how do we know we’re all talking about the same thing?

  5. Impact Evaluation: Best Practices Aren’t (MQP rumination #4)

    23rd January, 2015

    As part of our January focus on impact evaluation, Michael Quinn Patton shares a rumination from the new 4th edition of Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods on best practices.

  6. Gender injustice and inequality: what helps in assessing impact?

    20th November, 2015

    This week, EvalPartners will be launching EvalGender+, the global partnership for equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations. The launch is part of the Global Evaluation Week in Kathmandu to celebrate the International Year of Evaluation.

    Gillian Fletcher's blog and new resource on Addressing Gender in Impact Evaluation is, thus, particularly timely. A lot has been written about gender impact but what is important to consider?

  7. Impact evaluation: challenges to address

    23rd January, 2015

    In 2015, we’re presenting "12 months of BetterEvaluation" - with blog posts focusing each month on a different issue.  This is the first in a series on impact evaluation, our focus for January. 

    In development, government and philanthropy, there is increasing recognition of the potential value of impact evaluation. There is dedicated funding available and specific initiatives to develop capacity for both commissioning and conducting impact evaluation, including supporting use of the findings.