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  1. Week 36: Systems thinking

    15th September, 2014

    This is #2 in our series on visionary evaluation. This year’s AEA Conference theme is visionary evaluation – systems thinking, equity and sustainability.  Which begs the question what is systems thinking?

    There are dozens of definitions but for me it is the combination of three things:

    1. Understanding inter-relationships
    2. Engaging with multiple-perspectives
    3. Reflecting on boundary choices

    …. And how does that contribute to visionary evaluation?

  2. Week 2: Evaluation methods for large, complex, global initiatives

    9th January, 2014

    My 2014 evaluation events calendar was launched in earnest this week with a workshop hosted by the US Institute of Medicine focusing on evaluation methods and considerations for large-scale, complex, multi-national, global health initiatives - such as the Global Fund or PEPFAR.

  3. 52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 9: Addressing complexity

    1st March, 2013

    [Blog post updated and extended 4 March 2013]

    There is increasing discussion about the potential relevance of ideas and methods for addressing complexity in evaluation. But what does this mean?  And is it the same as addressing complication?