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  1. gLOCAL Evaluation Week: Yes, 'gLOCAL'. It is not a typo!

    28th May, 2019

    This week's guest blog is in support of the gLOCAL Evaluation week - a series of free events taking place around the globe and online between June 3-7. In this blog, Leo Lemes, Operations Officer, and Mariana Branco Moreira, Evaluation Consultant, both writing from the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group and affiliated with the CLEAR Initiative, introduce the gLOCAL Evaluation Week and suggest ways that you can get involved.

  2. Consulting on the “Big 5” Evaluation Criteria- What got us here? [x-post from the IEG's #WhatWorks blog]

    17th July, 2018

    This guest post from Caroline Heider (Director General and Senior Vice President, Evaluation, World Bank Group) was originally posted in the IEG's #WhatWorks blog. In this post, Caroline reflects on the motivations behind her 2017 Rethinking Evaluation blog series, which was dedicated to unpacking and debating the DAC evaluation criteria, and how this series links with the consultation process recently launched by the DAC Network on Development Evaluation to review the criteria. We've reposted this blog on BetterEvaluation because we believe that this is an important conversation to have, and we encourage our readers to get involved in the consultation process.

  3. Objectives-Based Evaluation (OBE) for impact investing

    13th October, 2020

    Bob Picciotto is a former Director General of the Independent Evaluation Group which oversees evaluation in the International Finance Corporation, an agency dedicated to the promotion of private sector development in developing countries. In this guest blog, he argues that the ethical investment community has much to learn from the Objectives-Based Evaluation (OBE) approach used by the multilateral development banks: OBE rates social and environmental sustainability performance as well as economic and financial returns.