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  1. Understand Causes FAQ


    How do I know if the program caused the results I can see?

    Most evaluations need to investigate what is causing the outcomes and impacts of an intervention (some process evaluations assume that certain activities are contributing to intended outcomes without investigating these).

  2. Manage


    How do I select and manage an evaluator?

    You need a procurement process that will give you the best chance of finding the right evaluator:

  3. Synthesize and Value


    What are options for synthesising and valuing data in a single evaluation?

    Options for synthesizing and valuing data help you in your evaluative reasoning and judgement. It is important to make transparent your evaluative criteria. Developing a clear process and methodology for this evaluation component, Synthesis and Valuing, helps you develop defensible and evaluation conclusions. Agree on evaluation values with stakeholders early in the evaluation process.

  4. Are RCTs (Randomised Controlled Trials) a new approach in evaluation?


    There is a long history of using RCTs to inform public policy decisions, especially in health,  but it is only more recently that they have been used widely in development evaluation.