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  1. Shaping International Evaluation: A 30-Year Journey


    This book from Universalia Management Group presents major trends that have influenced international evaluation and provides an overview of the evolution of evaluation within specific sectors, such as the environment and agriculture.

  2. New thematic content pages- what do you think?

    Forum topic

    climate change adaptation and mitigation results and the second is on evaluating capacity development ... results. In addition to this, we've also been working with a small group of beta-partners to develop ...

  3. IDRC Strategic Evaluation of Capacity Development: Doing things better?


    The paper from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) analyses whether the results from capacity building projects have supported the organisation to achieve its mission.

  4. Pathways to advance professionalisation within the context of the AES

    Discussion paper

    This report by Greet Peersman and Patricia Rogers for the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) identifies four potential pathways towards professionalisation within the context of the AES: 1) Ad hoc, disconnected activities; 2) Focused, connected and strategic activities; 3) Voluntary credentialing of evaluators; and 4) Regulated and licensed profession. The main recommendation of the report is that the AES follow a pathway of focused, connected and strategic activities, with a view to considering a voluntary credentialing process down the track. A major feature of this report is the exploration of 41 activities and approaches that can be used to advance the professionalisation of monitoring and evaluation. These activities are likely to be of considerable interest to others who are undertaking or planning evaluation capacity strengthening activities.

  5. Key Considerations for Managing Evaluations


    This guide from Pact South Africa is aimed at providing an overview of the key considerations that need to be assessed before and during the evaluation process. 

  6. Learning to evaluate capacity development and collaborative learning...


    Community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) in Asia faces the challenge of  assess and document the role of capacity development in enhancing CBNRM outcomes. To address this challenge, nine CBNRM-oriented organizations from four countries in East and Southeast Asia established an informal regional platform to strengthen their ability to carry out such evaluation. The paper describes the lessons learned from the project and examples of how collaborative learning provides a platform for those seeking to evaluate capacity development.

  7. ‘M&E on the Cutting Edge’ Conference- ‘Partnering for Success- How Monitoring and Evaluation can strengthen Partnerships for Sustainable Development’

    17th March, 2016 to 18th March, 2016

    This international conference is organised by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR, and Learning by Design, in collaboration with the PPPLab. The two-day conference (17-18 March) will connect the realities of those working in practice with ideas from people who are thought leaders on Partnerships, Monitoring and Evaluation and Sustainable Development. Keynote presentations, paper presentations, workshops, panel discussions and plenary discussions will ensure a lively and thoughtful opportunity to question one’s own practice and find inspiration for new ideas. The programme includes more than 25 contributions from all over the world. 

  8. Learning Purposefully in Capacity Development (2008)


    This paper examines how monitoring and evaluation (M&E) does, or could, make a difference to Capacity Dvelopment (CD). It explores whether there is something different or unique about M&E of CD that isn’t addressed by predominant options and ways of thinking about M&E, and which might be better addressed by experimenting with learning-based approaches to M&E of CD.