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  1. The value iceberg: weighing the benefits of advocacy and campaigning

    Discussion paper

    BetterEvaluation Discussion Paper 1 is a thought piece written by Rhonda Schlangen and Jim Coe (independent consultants), members of the BetterEvaluation Community, and is intended to promote discussion. See the associated blog where you can post or view comments and responses, or listen to the Advocacy Iceberg podcast to hear Jim and Rhonda discuss this paper's themes.

    The paper looks at how concepts of 'value' and 'results' are being applied to advocacy and campaigning and presents some alternative strategies for assessing advocacy. 

  2. Evaluation of Research in Context: Quick Scan of an Emerging Field


    This report from the Rathenau Instituut provides an overview of the process and materials available for ensuring a better understanding of evaluating research in context.

  3. Overview of Current Advocacy Evaluation Practice


    This paper from the Center for Evaluation Innovation provides a detailed overview of the area of advocacy evaluation with a focus on the kind of approaches being used.

  4. Evaluating Policy Influence and Advocacy

    Development Theme

    Influencing and informing policy is the main aim for many development organisations. However, activities directed at policy change are, in general, very hard to monitor and evaluate. As policy change is often a complex process, it is difficult to isolate the impact of a particular intervention from the influence of other factors and various actors. In addition, monitoring and evaluation tools usually used in managing interventions can be difficult to implement in these contexts.

  5. Issues in assessing the policy influence of research


    This paper presents a methodology for assessing the influence of research on public policy. The article reviews the origins of the methodology, outlines it in depth, and explores the outcomes after implementation. It concludes with issues in the revision of the methodology. 

  6. The Advocacy Iceberg- Episode 1: The Value Iceberg

    Discussion paper

    The pilot episode of this new podcast by Jim Coe features an interview with Rhonda Schlangen, co author with Jim of The Value Iceberg, a BetterEvaluation Discussion Paper about how the important elements of advocacy tend to be intangible, under the surface, difficult to see, and how this affects how advocacy is seen and valued.